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As you may already be aware, family law can be quite the complex area as the matters that encompass what it covers are overwhelming to handle. Whether you are seeking a divorce because you and your spouse are no longer able to work your marriage out, or child custody has become a concern as both caregivers are convinced they are entitled to sole custody, these family-related matters are often sensitive cases to cope with, and rather complicated at times.

Many times, divorces lead to bickering and the most suitable way to get your situation handled is by hiring a family law attorney in North Carolina. Having a legal representative working on your side and with you through each step of the way can make your circumstances easier to deal with, and demand less from you. From paperwork requirements to court appearances, a family law lawyer is able to step in and represent your case.

While you may not be facing a divorce, it is important to give consideration to the other areas in which a family law firm can be of some assistance when it comes to your family-related matter. For instance, if you are looking to collect retroactive child support, they can assist with that as well.


How is Retroactive Child Support Determined?


According to G.S. 50-13.4(c1), a parent may be awarded back payments:

(a) By determining the amount of support that would have been required had the guidelines been applied at the beginning of the time period for which support is being sought.

(b)Based on the parent’s fair share of actual expenditures for the child’s care.

The thought of having to hire a family law firm to take on your case may be too much to handle and even scary to fathom. The fact of the matter is, for many of these cases, in order to obtain a successful outcome, you need a legal representative who is well-versed in the field of family-law, and will work diligently on your case all the while keeping you current on the progress that it has made.

Another important aspect to look for in a family law attorney is someone who will be considerate to your needs as this divorce may have arisen out of nowhere leaving you depressed and unable to focus. This is precisely why is here. We work to help you find and retain a legal representative who is closest to you and able to help handle the many aspects that come along with family-related issues. You can give us a call now and one of our agents will gladly work to get you paired up with a respectable family law attorney immediately.


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Many cases have the tendency to become drawn out and a burden to overcome. Speak with a family law firm local to you today and learn how they may be able to help speed up the process to get your matter resolved.