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Child custody, child support, and divorce: All types of family-related matters that can either result in a simple agreement, or become a long, drawn-out process that places stress on both parents as well as the children.

In many situations that involve any of the above mentioned issues, it is difficult for both parties to concur with one another and move past the matter at hand. In fact, because divorces can become so complex and painful to endure, a family law attorney is often called to step in and assist.  They are able to provide their legal expertise from the initial stages of a divorce, through the until a favorable settlement is reached.

Family law lawyers in South Dakota can also have the ability to provide their services in a number of other family-related matters including:


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If you are going up against an upset spouse who wishes to retain full custody of your children, you need a well-versed family law attorney working on your side, supporting you, and reinforcing with proof as to why you are deserving of receiving the time with your children you know you are entitled to.

As a parent or ex-husband or wife, there are certain rights you hold and it is the duty of your family law lawyer to ensure they are exercised and respected. Without an attorney, your case could take a turn for the worst. Speak with an agent today and see how we may help you.